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We are experts on restaurant, salon, wholesale, and retail management technology with over 20 years of experience. We provide management consultation, customized POS Software, business computers, credit payment and online ordering systems. Our dedicated team helps you develop your business plan and strategy, understand your customers, create powerful marketing solutions.

All-In-One POS Solution



Customizable Point of Sale Software

User-friendly interface is designed to help your staff process orders intuitively and accurately with a few clicks. The detailed ingredients in each recipe can be monitored, so that you know the availability of every item. 
Whether you run a dine-in restaurant, takeout and delivery restaurant, pizza fast food, coffee shop, ice-cream milk tea store, beauty salon, retail supermarket, wholesaler, etc. We have different systems that will work perfectly for you.

Support staff shift management



Comprehensive sales and financial reports

Our solution also provides a sales performance report that aids you in making strategic decisions for your business. Report gives you insight into sales trends, marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and team performance.

Financial reports


Software Products

After more than 20 years of continuous research and development and innovation, we customized more than 20 solutions for restaurant, retail and wholesale, beauty salons and other industries for all aspects of business and management. We create a more relaxed working environment for you.

Hardware Package

High-quality hardware environment is the key to the stable operation of software systems. We have established long-term friendly cooperative relationship with the world's top POS hardware suppliers. We provide you with a wealth of hardware package options to meet your full range of needs.

Custom Development

Each customer’ needs and circumstances are different. How to find the most suitable for your software? ABCPOS provides you with custom software development services, tailored to your business more seamless.

Online Orders

Create personalized sites for you, establish a brand image, and integrate of web orders, so that your customers can directly buy or book. All restaurants, shops or salons can find their target customers on the web. Customers get an unprecedented smooth and pleasant consumer experience.

Payment Solution

Integration of the most simple and effective POS + Credit payment solution can reduce manual typing and the probability of error, while greatly improves the cashier’s efficiency. ABCPOS supports EMV standard chip card credit card payment, support Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other NFC-based contactless payment method.

Business Services

ABCPOS ® provides you with a one-stop POS + Credit Payment solution. Whatever your business type is, we provide full support for data transmission and processing of mainstream credit cards, making your business data transmission more secure, more stable, and credited into your account quicker.

Receiving satisfaction from 5,000 shops

From dine-in restaurant, take out and delivery restaurant, pizza fast food, coffee shop, ice-cream milk tea store, beauty salon, retail supermarket, wholesaler, etc. We have different sorts of system work perfectly for them.


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