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Track your inventory and manage your store orders with ease

Improve your inventory as the way you want

As a restaurant owner, you must keep track of more than just sales—you also have to deal with Inventory. Monitoring your stock quantity, selling quantity, and wasted quantity in the back of the house can be time-consuming. With our cloud-based Inventory system, you can manage your Inventory all in one place, simply and efficiently.

Our POS system includes a variety of features to help keep track of all your Inventory, including Inventory unit calculators that accurately measure consumption of your ingredients. The Order Manager feature connects headquarters to stores, allowing you to track inventory status whenever and wherever your like while reducing paper waste and other resources. Additional features include order quantity suggestions and notifications when your stock quantity is low. With streamlined ordering and receiving processes, Inventory management becomes effortless, improving the overall efficiency of your restaurant.

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Our Features

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Business benefits

  • Track your food inventory, units and price in real-time
  • Empower you to make better decisions about your menu and staff, while allowing you to make minute changes right away
  • Track every ingredient on every plate you serve and understand each menu item costs and profits
  • Compare your actual inventory to your system calculated inventory qty to see how well you’re managing your inventory and avoid waste
  • Connect multiple stores with headquarter with our integrated order system
  • Save time on writing, faxing and making excel sheets with our order manager