Table Side

Thanks to the abc POS table ordering system, you can keep up with quick and large amounts of orders.

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Table Side Features

Take advantage of the features below to satisfy customers on time and on a regular basis.

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Quick & efficient ordering

Secured payment method icon

Secured payment method

Use digital security systems that keep up with your customers’ orders.

Direct ordering from POS icon

Direct ordering from POS

Connect your waiters, chefs, and bartenders through your system so that everyone is on top on orders.

Multi-language options icon

Multi-language options

Increase your customer base with a translatable menu for multiple languages.

bottom right circles background POS order screen

Elevate your customer experience

Send order directly to kitchen icon

Send order directly to kitchen

Save time sending your customers’ orders directly to the kitchen.

Easy to use user interface icon

Easy to use user interface

Organize your pages to make instructions for placing orders a simple process.

Credit card integration icon

Credit card integration

Personalize orders with customers’ names on tabs after they swipe their credit cards.

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