abc POS allows you to record data that helps you set new standards for your business.

Customer report view

Reporting Features

Make information easy to access to improve sales and production.

left top circle background Customer report view

Get accurate sales metrics

real time data icon

Real time data with multiple options

Keep your sales data up-to-date so that you don’t fall behind competitors.

data comparison icon

Data comparison analytics

Create reports about what items are doing well and how to get more attention to less successful items.

sales growth icon

Sales growth rate analytics

Organize sales records that keep you prepared for potential trends and develop plans for selling new items.

bottom right circles background inventory control view

Keep track of your inventory & supply management

Popular products analytics icon

Popular products analytics

Find out which products are performing well on your business.

Waste inventory item analytics icon

Waste inventory item analytics

Use your reports to find out which products are selling poorly and can be disposed of.

Breakdown to hourly, daily, and monthly icon

Breakdown to hourly, daily, and monthly

Keep your employees’ hours synced to payroll.

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