Online Ordering

abc POS helps you stay ahead in the market by letting your customers order anything they need with the click of a button.


Online Ordering Features

Take advantage of these digital tools to become a reliable source for your customers’ needs.

Left Top Circles Online Ordering Screen

Quick & easy ordering

website intergration icon

Website integration

Create links and purchase options with easy instructions.

customized website icon

Customized website design

Give your website a clear and welcoming look to keep people visiting.

direct order icon

Order sent directly to POS

Speed up the purchasing process by sendig orders direcly to your POS system.

bottom right circles Customer Profiles

Enhanced customer emanagement

stored customer order data icon

Stored customer order data

Keep your customers’ order information in one place and monitor who purchased which items.

no additional commission icon

No additional commission

Set fair prices for items that guarantee quality for every purchase.

multiple payment method icon

Multiple payment methods

Give you customers the freedom to use their most convient payment method.

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