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Get real time reporting and analysis on all your business locations with abc POS intuitive reports.

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Report & Analysis System

Detailed reports and graphs that show weekly and monthly reports on sales, payments, and more.

Mobile Report

Use Mobile

  • Intuitive, real-time, detailed and accurate data visualization simple to understand.
  • View every aspect of your restaurant’s performance on your smartphone when you’re not at the office.
  • Compare sales between different dates, or branches.
Organized Reports


  • Print EOD report in store..
  • Export & print every report.
  • Sales breakdown by payment types, order types, and menu categories.
  • Detailed reports based on sales, products, payments, inventory, employees, and customers.
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Sales growth
rate analytics

Collection data that shows sales growth for different services to make improvements.

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Intuitive sales

Report overall sales to compare with your goals.

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Breakdown hourly,
daily & monthly

Create analytics for sales for each hour, day or month for short-term and long-term results.

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