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An abc POS customer since 2018, ViVi currently has at least 70 stores in the United States with POS terminals installed in each.

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ViVi’s main challenge was finding a RES POS system that its bubble tea shop staff could adapt to. Building up a tech team within the headquarters would take too much time and money compared to bringing in a team of professionals. The staff had to deal with a high volume of order tickets that its system was unable to keep up with. This affected ViVi’s ability to satisfy customers with high-quality services. The menus didn’t have customizable features that could meet customers’ preferences for flavors, sweetness levels, toppings, and other interests. The previous system was also unable to manage data from all stores at once. This had hindered ViVi’s ability to manage inventory, staff, customer preferences and loyalty and reward programs.

abc Pos Solution

Our solution to these issues was installing a cloud-based system for Vivi’s Tea Shop and Milk Tea Store. The system, called ABC Cloud X, is designed to be easy to use for employees who are not familiar with the technology. With time saved for training, new and old employees can provide consistent services without dealing with late or wrong orders. The whole team can use one dashboard and app to manage orders and inventory to make sure services are available on a regular basis. Customers also have an easier time customizing their orders so that the staff can provide them exactly what they want. Improved personalization also allows the system to put together preferences and save time figuring out what customers like. With a system that is easy to learn, new branches were able to use it in 2019.

abc Pos Outcome

Among the benefits that ViVi has experienced with the new system it’s been an easier time managing all branches at once. This has allowed the company to keep any store from falling behind on operations. With a staff that can serve customers quickly or more accurately, ViVi has seen an increase in customer satisfaction. In addition to avoiding wrong orders, the system’s order-printing feature has produced faster lines by allowing customers to make their orders easily. Since customers have a more comfortable experience moving through the store, there is a better opportunity for ViVi to keep current customers and attracting new ones.

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