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Mr. Wish, an abc POS customer since 2019, has an abc POS terminal installed in each of its 16 stores.

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The challenge for Mr. Wish had been making the most out of its two previous POS systems that didn’t have the benefits of abc POS’ current technology. One system was for a branch based in Taiwan, where time constraints had prevented the services from being able to update and meet customers’ demands. Mr. Wish had faced similar issues with its local New York branch, which affected the company’s ability to maintain success with its other branches.

abc Pos Solution

The solution came in the form of ABC Cloud X. This system comes with an UI/UX design that is clean and beautiful to appeal to both staff and customers. With a cloud-based solution, the company can manage data for staff and inventory in one digital location to keep each branch up-to-date with changes. This allows all stores to stay on the same page and provide timely and high-quality service to customers on a regular basis. The system is also designed to be easy for employees to use, which helps them keep up with customers’ orders. An easy system also saves employees time so that they can meet multiple orders.

abc Pos Outcome

With ABC Cloud X, Mr. Wish has been able to save money in a variety of areas, such as human resources. The company’s bakery services are among the many that have seen an increase in workflow, which has allowed the team to provide faster and better offerings to customers on a consistent basis. With higher quality in its services, the company has seen an increase in overall revenue. A cloud-based system has also improved Mr. Wish’s ability to expand to multiple stores, which helps the company bring its services to a greater number of potential customers.

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