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Fast Service

Provide your customers super fast order clerance and checkouts without sacrificing quality.

abc POS for Fast Service experiences

Give your team POS tools to provide quick service without sacrificing quality.

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Provide easy online ordering and delivery

  • Create menus that are easy to read and include enough pages for clear descriptions.
  • Provide wait times and ordering instructions that are easy to follow.
  • Include contact information for staff in case customers change their minds for orders.
POS Terminal

Friendly guest-facing technology

  • Design menus to make meals easy to choose for customers.
  • Let customers know about events with special deals.
  • Provide flavor options and sides for each offering.
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Keep front & back of the house always connected

  • Organize orders to avoid mix-ups and deliver food on time.
  • Keep prices accurate to avoid over and under-charging customers.
  • Have every employee available to take orders for new customers to maintain satisfaction.
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