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Designed for cafe businesses, ABC POS software manages customer orders and servings for coffee shops with ease.

abc POS for Cafe experiences

Keep orders and deliveries on time with POS services.

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Empower your employees with our user-friendly interface

  • Let employees track their arrival and departure to create productive schedules.
  • Organize orders based on dine ins and to-gos.
  • Schedule pick-ups to provide food and drinks on time.
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Friendly guest-facing technology

  • Design menus to make meals easy to choose for customers.
  • Let customers know about events with special deals.
  • Provide flavor options and sides for each offering.
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Accept every payment faster, easier & more secured

  • Make payment instructions easy to follow.
  • Let customers know about special deals and discounts.
  • Use privacy features to protect personal information.
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