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ABC POS technology is built for fast service and on-the-go bakeries.

abc POS for Bakery experiences

Help customers make quick and informed orders with POS technology.

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User-friendly interface

  • Provide final images and size descriptions for baked goods.
  • Create occasions for where products can be used.
  • Establish timeframes for baking to stay on time with pick-ups and deliveries.
Inventory Management Screenshot

Keep track of your ingredients

  • List percentages of different ingredients for each item.
  • Let customers with health issues know if these goods are right for them.
  • Provide flavor options and sides for each offering.
Payment Screen Screenshot

Accept every payment faster, easier & more secured

  • Make payment instructions easy to follow.
  • Let customers know about special deals and discounts.
  • Use privacy features to protect personal information.
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