Quick-service restaurant

Find the perfect integration to keep your restaurant moving quickly and efficiently.

Key success factors

With your quick-service business, it’s all about speed. That's why abcpos provides fast, easy-to-use interface and tools to help shorten customer wait time and reduce business management errors. An optimized operating speed increases your sales rate, helping you to meet the specific needs of your quick-service restaurant sooner rather than later. With big-data analysis, you also can map out sales forecasts, devise smart promotions, streamline inventory management, and discover better business solutions.

How we can help for your success

Fit all of your restaurant needs

You can easily customize the right POS system specific to your restaurant’s unique service needs and goals, combining hardware and software to optimize throughput and make the line move faster.


Manage your restaurant anytime, anywhere

The B/S system structure allows you to manage and set up POS system on any terminal with a wireless connection. Every detail of restaurant operations can be viewed and managed anytime, anywhere.


Accept every payment faster, easier, and more securely

In addition to standard payment methods—cash, credit card, debit card—our abcpos system also supports Apple Pay, Alipay, gift cards, gift certificates, gift vouchers, coupons, and other promotions. .

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Shorten customer line with self-order

Drastically reduce customer wait time—and increasing overall sales transactions—with the easy-to-use abcpos self-order system. abcpos is all about empowering customers by simplifying the ordering process, making the customer experience easy, efficient, and expedient.

self order