Full-service restaurant

A capable POS system designed specifically to help your full-service restaurant run smoothly so your customers can enjoy the perfect dining experience.

Key success factors

In order for a full-service restaurant to be successful, it takes more than a high-quality menu and premium service. It also requires a professional, organized management system and attractive marketing activities.

How we can help for your success

Fit all of your restaurant needs in one place

From raw materials to menu ingredients; from employees to customers; from service to marketing—make sure every functional detail is designed to fit your restaurant management needs.


Manage your restaurant anytime, anywhere

The B/S structure allows you to manage and set up POS systems on any terminal with a wireless connection. And we provide remote reporting service so that every detail of restaurant operations can be viewed and managed anytime, anywhere. .


Accept every payment faster, easier, and more securely

In addition to standard payment methods—cash, credit card, debit card—our ABCPOS system also supports Apple Pay, Alipay, gift cards, gift certificates, gift vouchers, coupons, and other promotions. .

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Tableside ordering

Empowers customers by allowing them to complete orders directly from their table, reducing wait times, service problems, and incorrect orders. Accurate, timely ordering has never been so fast or simple.

self order