Restaurent POS Solutions

We have provided our customers with complete restaurant POS solutions since 1992. Hardware, software, marketing and credit card integration are all of the essential pieces that define our Point of Sales system. Receiving satisfaction from over 5,000 shops, ABCRES comes with features to help you run your business, save time and boost sales. With our user-friendly interface and wide range of functionalities, managing your restaurant has never been easier.

Our easy to use solution allows your staff to manage customers from the moment they enter the restaurant to when they leave with satisfaction. Your staff will easily process customers' orders even during peak hours. Our user-friendly interface is designed to help your staff process orders intuitively and accurately with a few clicks. A detailed list of ingredients in each recipe can be monitored, so that you know the availability of every item. Furthermore, our solution also provides a sales performance report that aids you in making strategic decisions for your business.

In addition, we also provide mobile software that your staff can carry around and make instant orders at your customers' tables and stationary table order POS that allows your customers to make their own orders without having to leave their table, thus free up your staff to focus more on customer happiness, food production and other mission-critical business functions.


Operations Management
● Smart catalog interface and fast search
● Best Appointment Scheduling Software
● Multiple pricing options and regular automatic discount setting


Customer Management
●Membership database
●Special holiday / anniversary automated email campaigns
●Gift card / membership card / scorecard management


Employee Management
● Staff IDs / employee card / fingerprint check
● Shift management and scheduling system
● Auto-calculated employee compensation
● Employee Compensation and Sales Reports


Store management
● Managing multiple locations of your business
● Locate the table on the floor plan
● Bar Management


Financial Management
● Accept all major credit and debit cards
● Reduce human defects and errors
● Automate the bill-paying process
● Comprehensive annual financial reports