Software Clever Canvas

Clever Canvas 

Now you can draw eye-catching message for customers anytime, anywhere, super easily in no time using your smart phone with our incredible Clever Canvas App. With just click of button, your message will be transferred and shown on Clever Canvas with the splendid effect.

  • Draw : Draw anything using great amount of brushes. Our Drawing APP provide simple and
intuitive UI/UX, various backgrounds, fonts, brush, clip art, and templates. Anyone can make great contents easily like professional.
  • Gallery : Select background from gallery.Various expert templates are provided in
each industry and you can ask the professional designer for production directly through the smart phone.
  • Setting : Decorate with brushes, text, clipart, animations and stunning effects. Set timings and play mode。
  • Preview : Preview your project and send data on the screen。Clever Canvas is a perfect substitute for advert boards, banners and posters. With Clever Canvas, there is a total control over the kind of message being displayed and how it is displayed.
  • Content :Take a photo or video of your products or dishes with your Smartphone.  Add and resize stickers/photos/other content。
  • Private Cloud : Provide the Private Cloud serivce that can
distrbute marketing contents in real time through the branch manager’s smart phone at headquarter.

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