Customized Fast Food POS solution makes takeout and delivery processes simple and easy. All the incoming calls are automatically recorded, which your staff can easily view.

With our easy to use solution your staff can process customers' orders on peak hours. The user-friendly interface is designed to help your staff process orders intuitively and accurately with a few clicks. The detailed ingredients in each recipe can be monitored, so that you know the availability of every item. More importantly, our solution also provides a sales performance report that aids you in making strategic decisions for your business.

  • Customer information management, email marketing
  • Gift card / membership card / scorecard management
  • Support staff shift management
  • Credit card terminal connections, and support multiple payments
  • Comprehensive sales and financial reports

Emv chip 信用卡付款 credit card payment 电脑系统 computer system


Operations Management
● Smart catalog interface and fast search
● Best Appointment Scheduling Software
● Multiple pricing options and regular automatic discount setting


Customer Management
● Managing sales data
●Track trends and historical performance
● Special holiday / anniversary automated email campaigns
● Gift card / membership card / scorecard management


Employee Management
● Staff IDs / employee card / fingerprint check
● Shift management and scheduling system
● Auto-calculated employee compensation
● Employee Compensation and Sales Reports


Store management
● Managing multiple locations of your business
● Locate the table on the floor plan
● Bar mangement


Financial Management
● Accept all major credit and debit cards
● Reduce human defects and errors
● Automate the bill-paying process
● Comprehensive annual financial reports
电脑系统 computer system 点菜系统  Point of Sales Pos Software  餐馆POS Restaurant POS pos系统 点餐系统Ordering system 餐馆电脑Restaurant computer


Customers can order and pay directly at the self-ordering kiosk with the integrated card reader. Reduce customer wait times.

  • Drive more revenue
  • Cut down on incorrect orders
  • Serve your customers quicker

电脑系统 computer system 点菜系统  Point of Sales Pos Software pos系统 点餐系统Ordering system


Queue management system waiting machine. Decrease customer wait times, improve your service efficiency, and increase your revenues

  • Media messaging (website or poster) to engage the customer in the queue
  • Voice alert notification
  • SMS / text message notifications